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Book a SEMI Private Workshop; Soy Candles – Table Reservation for 4 (minimum)

From: $120.00

You are selecting a date for a SOY CANDLE table reservation during Drop-In & DIY | Open Session hours.  This is a deposit and does not include any projects or product.  The minimum number required to register and attend is four (4) for our pour your own soy candle session ($38 per maker). This is a semi-private event, you may have additional people at your table and in the studio.  If you cannot find a date or time that works, please email us – we’ll do our best to help you out!

Click on the date; time options appear just below the calendar.  For more in-depth information, please scroll below calendar to read the description. Once your deposit is received, a link for your guests to register will be emailed within 2 days.


Let’s make it a date!

The most fabulous part is that each guest will select their favorite scent from our library of fragrance oils to create two hand-poured, soy candles (12 oz and 4 oz). The bonus 4oz candle is perfect for exploring and trading scents with other makers, gift giving or your own enjoyment. (Who has ever complained of too many candles?)

This is an interactive, hands-on and social workshop.  Our team will provide instruction on how to blend fragrance oils with soy wax, attach wicks, pour melted wax along with a quick metal stamping project to add a personal and purposeful touch to your candle.

The host/hostess/coordinator is responsible for inviting guests and making sure they register for the event by the workshop deadline; seventy-two (72) hours before the event.

We require a minimum of ten (10) attendees and a $120 deposit. Each participant is required to complete their own project. You are financially responsible for meeting the minimum number of ten (10) attendees regardless of their attendance. [see below for information concerning your deposit]

How to reserve:

Reserve online by selecting an available date and time slot.  Find your date on the calendar, click and the time options appear just below the calendar. A $120 deposit is due at the time of the reservation.

Watch for an email (usually within 24 hours). We will publish your private event to our website along with a super-secret password for just you and your guests.

Your guests must register for your event at least 72 hours in advance.  If this private event is for a group and under one invoice (guests not paying separately), let us know during the checkout process and we will set your event up to reflect a group invoice.  In this case, we require payment in full for all those attending at least 72 hours in advance.

IMPORTANT:  You, as the host/hostess, are still required to register for the event and purchase your seat/candle ($45 + tax).  You will be able to do so after the private listing is uploaded tour website. Your deposit of $120 is a deposit to hold the date, not payment for any candles or projects.

EXTRA IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to read the terms and conditions for our private events; it’s the wax-and-wicks or nitty gritty stuff that is important!

Your Deposit:

A deposit of $120 is required to save a time slot and reserve the studio for your private event.  If your private event does not meet the minimum number of registered AND attending guests; your deposit will be forfeited, and you will remain financially responsible for meeting the minimum number of ten (10) in attendance.

To receive a full refund of your deposit; you MUST have the minimum number of guests (including yourself) register AND attend your event.  A minimum of ten (10) attendees is required.  Deposit refunds will occur after your event has started and no later than the end of the next the business day.

If you need to reschedule your event, you may do so ONE time with no penalty providing we have a minimum of ten (10) days in advance.  Date changes with less than ten (10) days in advance will result in a loss of your deposit.   A new deposit of $120 will be required to secure a new date.

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Let’s make it a date – reserve a semi private workshop!

This is a deposit for a semi-private workshop during our Drop-In & DIY | Open Session hours.  This the perfect solution if you don’t have enough people to host a private event and can’t make one of our scheduled open workshops.

This option is available for our 2-hour workshop. Our tables hold 6 – 8 people and we have usually have 2 – 3 tables available.  Our normal maximum is 18. This is not a private event; but rather a table reservation. You may have additional people at your table and in the studio. Once we receive confirmation of your reservation, we will open the workshop up to the public and send a link for your guests to register.  Registration is required in advance for ALL workshops; both private and semi private. 

We require a minimum of four (4) attendees.  There are NO refunds.  Each attendee is required to complete their own project.  Reservations are required at least 48 hours in advance.

About the workshop:

Our workshops are scheduled for two hours and we ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes early.  The first 45~ minutes is the “creative” portion of the workshop with the last 60 – 90 minutes being the “social” part of the experience.  It is important to know that due to humidity levels, ambient temperatures, certain fragrances used and actual start time, candles take 90+ minutes to set once they are poured.  After you have poured and completed your metal stamping project, you are welcome to relax, socialize, enjoy a sip or two, mingle with new friends and old and of course, you are welcome to walk around downtown McKinney or leave. 

McKinney is chock-full of boutiques, eateries, wineries & more.  If you need a recommendation, please ask a {DIY} Creatologist, we love playing tour-guide and we’ve got the downtown scoop! We will give you convenient pick up instructions for your candles during the workshop. 

How to reserve:

Reserve online by selecting an available date and time slot.  Time slots appear below in shades of white and gray once you click on a date.

IMPORTANTYou, as the organizer, are responsible for making sure you reach the minimum number required or your deposit will be forfeighted. There are no refunds.

EXTRA IMPORTANT: Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions, as this is the nitty gritty stuff that you should be aware of before registering for a workshop.

EXTRA EXTRA IMPORTANT: Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time.  This will give you time to find parking, your seat and get comfortable so that we can start the workshop on time.

Our workshops follow a tight, instructor-led schedule for your enjoyment and the safety of those around you. Additionally, soy wax typically needs at least an hour to rest and set after it is poured and this can change depending on temperatures and humidity.  A timely start is the key to taking your candles home the same day!

We start promptly at the time stated at registration. Guests arriving up to 15 minutes late will join the group at whatever point the workshop has progressed to and will be asked to make a quick scent selection. Guests arriving more than 15 minutes late will forfeit their opportunity to select a scent for their candle and their candles will not be ready to take home at the end of the workshop. As with any scheduled event/appointment, if you are running late, it is best to notify our staff or a friend, so that we are prepared.

We are a BYOB studio for grown-up fun! You are also welcome to bring in a quick & easy light snack as we will be creating and crafting for most of the time allotted for each workshop.