Wood Signs

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Choices! I can hear my mom saying “Choices are a good thing; you always have options!” So naturally, we have lots to choose from; but don’t let this scare you. Options make us unique and the very essence of our workshops. ALL of our sign designs are interchangeable between our PLANKED style and FRAMED style.

When registering for an open workshop or a private event, you will need to note few things;

  1. FRAMED OR PLANKED; Planked signs are made up of multiple wood planks or slats and held together with back braces.  Framed signs have a solid piece of wood for the background with wooden frame.

  2. ITEM NUMBER; This appears just below the image. For example; Item MND-1023.

  3. PERSONALIZATION; If the design includes any information that can be personalized, it will appear BEIGE. The text/design in BLACK is permanent and cannot be altered. However, the text in BEIGE can be replaced with your information.

Colors depicted below are for display purposes only; you will have a selection of over 30 colors to choose from once you arrive for your workshop.

Framed & Planked