Private Events

frequently asked questions

What is a private event?

A private event is when we open our studio just for your group.  Our creative studio is a fabulous place to get your craft on and celebrate your next birthday, bridal or baby shower, bachelorette or holiday party, neighborhood get-togethers, corporate team building and /or a much needed “creative escape” with your friends and family.

What can I expect at a private event?

Unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance; you can expect to have a fully staffed private studio for your enjoyment and creative board art crafting. This means that your event will not be open to the public.

What sign choices do you offer at private events?

The host/hostess first decides upon the project type (for example, planked sign) and then your guests can choose any design within that project category.

What if I have a unique design for my group, such as a company logo?

Do you have a special or unique design in mind?  We can create one just for your group – just ask; (set-up fee in addition)!  Please make sure you have permission to use any logos or trademarked designs.

As the host/hostess, what are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for choosing the project type/category (for example, planked sign), payment of a deposit and making sure the minimum amount of ten (10) attendees required is met both in registration and attendance.  You will also be responsible for registering yourself, as your deposit is separate from your reservation.

What if I know I won’t be able to make the minimum number of attendees?

If you know in advance that you cannot meet the minimum attendance requirements but still want to get together, you are welcome to reserve a table (seats 6) at one of our public workshops.  You will still have bar space and are welcome to bring in quick decorations and light snacks to celebrate.  Please notify us of your event and once we have 6 registrations, we will place a reserved sign on your table.

Do I need to make a reservation for my group?

YES!  Due to the custom nature of our studio; stencils and lumber are cut and prepared to order.  We recommend setting up a private event 2 – 4 weeks in advance as you will need time for your guests to register themselves.

When do you hold private events?

Check out our private event listing for available dates.  Don’t see a time slot you need, send us an email and we will do our best to get you on the calendar and meet your needs.  Email

How can I reserve a private event?

First, choose the project type.  For example, planked wood signs OR pillows.

After you select the project type, click below to view our calendar.  At the time of your reservation, you are only responsible for paying the deposit of $120.  (see below for information concerning your deposit).

Planked Wood Sign Canvas Throw Pillow

What happens after I reserve a date and pay the deposit?

Once you reserve a date, we will contact you by email (usually within 24 hours).  The email will contain a link for your event along with a super secret password for you and your guests to register, select options and pay for their materials and custom cut stencil.

Guests must register at least 72 hours in advance so that we can prepare materials for your group.

IMPORTANT:  You, as the host/hostess, are still required to register for the event and select a sign option, personalization (if applicable) and pay for the sign itself ($60 + tax).  Your deposit of $120 is a deposit for the room space and to hold the date, not payment for the sign.  (see below for information concerning your deposit)

Why do I need to leave a deposit?

A deposit of $120 is required to save a time slot and reserve the studio for your private event.

Is the deposit refundable?

In order to receive a full refund of your deposit; you MUST have the minimum number of guests (including yourself) register AND attend your event.   A minimum of ten (10) attendees is required. Deposit refunds will occur after your event has started and no later than the end the business day.

What happens to my deposit if I don't have the minimum number of reservation and/or guests in attendance?

If your private event does not meet the minimum number of registered AND attending guests; your deposit will be forfeited and you will remain financially responsible for meeting the minimum number of ten (10) in attendance.

Can I apply my deposit towards the cost of my sign or the event itself?

No, your deposit is separate from the registration fee and does not include a sign. Your deposit is simply a deposit to reserve a date on our calendar for your private event.  As the host/hostess, you will also have to register, select your sign choice and personalization (if applicable) and pay for your supplies and material once a link has been posted to our calendar.

Can I bring a friend to help me with my project?

Unfortunately, no.  But that’s why we have awesome staff…to lend a helping hand!  Everyone in attendance must be a paid participant.

What do I need to do to complete my registration?

After a password protected link has been added to our calendar, please be ready to select your sign design as well any required personalization.  You will also need to pay for your project; we accept all major credit cards and use a secure online payment system.  Your deposit cannot be applied towards your sign; it is a separate transaction.

Can I change my project and/or customization once my reservation is complete?

Yes, providing you make changes 72 hours prior to your workshop.  Be sure to double check your spelling, dates and anything else that is unique to your sign at the time of registration.  Supplies, including a customized stencil and pre-cut lumber, are prepared three (3) days in advance.

You are welcome to make any changes prior to 72 hours at no additional cost.  Please send an email with your request

If you need to make any changes 24 – 72 hours before the scheduled start of your workshop, a $15 stencil/administration fee will be charged and is due at the beginning of your workshop.  Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes with less than 24 hours’ notice.

What time should I arrive?

Everyone should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time.  This will give you time to find parking, your seat, meet your table mates, make any last minute seating accommodations and start pondering stain and paint colors.

What if I am running late?

Our workshops follow a tight, instructor led schedule for your enjoyment and the safety of those around you.  We start promptly at the time stated at registration.  Guests arriving up to 15 minutes late will join the group at whatever point the workshop has progressed to.   Guests arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to work on their project and will forfeit their registration.

What if a registered/reserved guest cannot make it?

Registered for a workshop and can’t make it?  What a bummer!  Here is what you need to know…

We do not offer refunds at any time.   If a registered guest is unable to attend your event; we will gladly issue a full credit (100%) on their account with more than 72 hours advance notice.  A 75% credit will be applied to their account with 48 – 72 hours’ notice.  A 50% credit will be applied to their account with less than 48 hours’ notice. No shows will not receive any credit or refund.

IMPORTANT: The Board Bar reserves the right to cancel a private event if the minimum amount of registrations is not met by the workshop deadline; which is seventy-two (72) hours prior to the workshop.

EXTRA IMPORTANT:  Registered guests must notify The Board Bar if they are unable to attend.  Notifying the host/hostess only and not communicating directly with The Board Bar does not qualify for a credit.

Use this link to notify us if there is a need to cancel and/or reschedule;

Credits can be applied to a future workshop with availability.  Please contact the studio so that we can properly apply your credit and complete your registration when you decide to sign up for an alternate workshop.

We understand that life happens and sometimes unforeseen circumstances pop up.  Aside from losing your registration fee, you are welcome to send someone in your place.  That person has the wonderful option of completely your sign as is (meaning the personalization determined when you signed up) or we have a few non-personalized stencils on hand that can be used in place of your stencil.

It's less than 24 hours’ notice and I need to cancel; any alternatives other than losing my registration as stated in the Terms and Conditions?

We understand that life happens and sometimes unforeseen circumstances pop up.  Aside from losing your registration fee, your other choice is to send someone in your place.  This lucky person has the wonderful option of building your sign as is (meaning the personalization determined when you signed up) or we have a few non-personalized stencils on hand that can be used in place of your stencil.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, your enthusiasm and your willingness to relax, learn and create.  Oh and did we mention to leave perfection at the door?  This is truly a hands-on, hand crafted product and there will be imperfections.  It’s ok – take a deep breath!

Can I bring food?

We will be busy crafting for about three (3) hours so you are welcome to bring in a snack or two.  We have bar space for each table, so there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy.  We do not have serving bowls, platters, utensils or cutlery.  So if you are bringing in cheese and crackers, for example, you’ll probably want to bring in a knife too.  We just ask that you keep it simple with a quick set-up and clean-up.

Can I bring beverages?

Yes!  Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, whatever floats your boat.  We have cups, corkscrews and bottle cap openers.

So I can bring alcohol?

The short answer is YES!  Of course you must be 21!


The long answer is yes, but there are rules per TABC and the City of McKinney:

  • Minors Possessing or Consuming Alcohol – The punishment for making alcoholic beverages available to a minor is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $4,000, confinement in jail for up to a year, or both. Additionally, the violator will have his or her driver’s license automatically suspended for 180 days upon conviction.
  • Persons 21 or older (other than the parent or guardian) can be held liable for damages caused by intoxication of a minor under 18 if the adult knowingly provided alcoholic beverages to a minor or knowingly allowed the minor to be served or provided alcoholic beverages on the premises owned or leased by the adult.
  • You cannot, under any circumstances, leave our studio with an open container.  The sidewalk is off limits – you must leave your glass of vino (or beverage of choice) inside the store.
  • An alcohol waiver is included in the Terms and Conditionswhen you register.  Here is the waiver for your review;

ALCOHOL POLICY/WAIVER (if applicable):  I agree that I am 21 years of age or older and will consume my alcoholic beverages responsibly. I release and waive any and all claims or action that may arise against The Board Bar LLC, its affiliates, successors or assigns as well as the owner and employees/contractors as a result of anything which occurs before, during or after my session including to but not limited to injury, loss, theft or damage to any person or property.
We respectfully ask that you be smart and responsible when it comes to enjoying some libations; someone is counting on you coming home at the end of the night!

What should I wear?

No dress code here but we are a woodworking studio and you will be handling tools, stain, paint and wax.  While we provide aprons and gloves, some of our supplies are not washable so wearing your finest is probably not a great idea.

What if I want to bring a friend?

While we love the  motto “the more the merrier”; it doesn’t work well in this situation due to the nature of preparing stencils and cutting lumber.  We generally require 72 hours of advance notice for prep work; if you have someone that wants to join us with less than 72 hours’ notice, please email our studio and we will do our best to accommodate.

I am not creative nor am I crafty in any sense of the word, is this a good idea?

YES!  Part of our mission is to have fun, create moments of happiness and most importantly, DIY success.  We’ve got you covered, just give it a try!  Worst case scenario…gift your project to the best mom you know – moms always love artwork! 🙂

What information do you need from guests in advance?

Easy peasy…at registration you will be asked for some basic contact information, payment, sign choice and personalization information (if applicable).  In addition, you will be asked to read and accept our terms and conditions which includes an image release, alcohol waiver and safety waiver.

If all of the guests are using the same design and nothing is being personalized, then they will be asked to read and accept our terms and conditions which includes an image release, alcohol waiver and safety waiver.

If there is an area of the sign that is personalized, how will they know what is to be personalized?

On our sign templates there are elements (writing/design) in black and beige.  The beige text on our signs indicates the area that can be personalized according to each sign and its layout.

Can I change other elements of the sign?

For the most part, the only editable area is the text in beige.  However, if you have a request for something different, please send us an email, we love new ideas.  We are also happy to work with you and design something specific for your group (set up fee is additional).

Do I need to tell you in advance which stain and paint colors I want to use?

Nope, we will take care of that when you arrive.  Part of the fun is seeing our stain and paint choices in person.

How long is workshop?

Typically, our workshops last three (3) hours and start promptly at the scheduled time.  If you are lagging behind and/or struggling, please let one of our creative team members know.  We want you to have fun and not feel left behind.

I've never picked up a power tool in my life! Do I have to use one?

Using power tools is optional. But if you have never used a drill, for example, this is the place to get to know one.  We are a fun loving bunch and will help you along – no judging!  We also have creative staff on hand to jump in and assist – so no worries!

What tools and supplies will I be using?

Our adult workshops involve distressing tools such as hammers, mallets, awls and sand paper.  We also use wire, screws and drills.  Water-based stain, latex paint and wax are also used and applied to your board art.