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frequently asked questions

What does your studio offer?

The Board Bar is a BYOB Art Studio; build-your-own-board art.  Our team of board-tenders will lead you through the creative journey of distressing, sanding, staining, painting and assembling raw lumber so that your finished sign has a farmhouse, vintage feel.   We also offer canvas pillow workshops and have some new exciting things just around the corner.

Will I need a reservation?

YES!  Due to the custom nature of our studio; stencils and lumber are cut to order.  Reservations are required 72 hours in advance of a workshop and/or private event so that we have time to prep your supplies.

What will be the studio hours?

The Board Bar will be available for private events 7 days a week with workshops (open to the public) spread throughout the week.  All workshops do require advance reservations so that we can custom cut a stencil for YOU!

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment, but you never know when the need may arise!  If you are a people person, hard-working and flexible with availability, contact us for an application.