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Beach & Lake

When registering for an open workshop or a private event, you will need to note few things;

  1. FRAMED OR PLANKED; Planked signs are made up of multiple wood planks or slats and held together with back braces.  Framed signs have a solid piece of wood for the background with wooden frame.  For designs with more detail, we suggest a framed sign.  Lazy Susans and Trays have their own designs, specific to their category.
  2. ITEM NUMBER; This appears just below the image. For example; Item MND-1023. Jot this number down, you will need to enter it when registering.
  3. PERSONALIZATION; If the design includes any information that can be personalized, it will appear BEIGE. The text/design in BLACK is permanent and cannot be altered. However, the text in BEIGE can be replaced with your information.

Colors depicted below are for display purposes only; you will have a selection of over 30 colors to choose from once you arrive for your workshop.


24″w x 17.5″h


24″w x 17.5″h
♥♥♥ may require extra love & patience ♥♥♥


24″w x 17.5″h


48″w x 10.5″h