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{Sweet Oblivion}

On December 20, 2020, makers created for the LAST time in our studio, and The Board Bar permanently closed its doors for in-studio creating. This was not a decision out of scarcity or sadness, but rather from a place of abundance with a heart full of joy, memories, creativity, and lessons learned.

2020 was a challenging year. A friend referred to life pre-pandemic as “sweet oblivion”. A time when so many business owners, I included, were either oblivious, innocent, or perhaps naïve to the challenges that lay before us. A long stretch of resilience and determination with shuttering and rebuilding two businesses. And with a lot of pivoting, endless hours, a dedicated team, and the community’s support – we did it! But the lessons learned along this journey cannot be unlearned. Otherwise, what is the point? Where is the growth?

2020 has taught me that life is precious; there are no guarantees. In 2021, my number one goal is to spend more time with my family and be present in their lives and mine. The easier path is to continue doing what I know best, running a business – multiple businesses at that. But 2020 has shown me that I am built to do hard things. So with some guts and, hopefully, grace, I chose the more challenging road ahead. To downsize and consolidate businesses and figure out how to balance life, personally and professionally.

With a grateful heart, to all the makers that have created with us over the 4+ years, THANK YOU. Thank you for your enthusiasm, trust, and willingness to take a small break from life and create with us. We hope we have succeeded in fostering moments of creativity and “sweet oblivion”. And THANK YOU to my team; I could not have done this without you. Cheers!
xoxo Jenn